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RITA are Leading Beverage Manufacturers from Viet Nam.!

Milk Soda of RITA Beverage Suppliers Manufacturers

No artificial flavors,no colors,no preservatives,more secure,more healthy.Fruit Flavors: Peach, Grape, Orange, Mango, Mangosteen, Watermelon, Green apple, Blueberry, Strawberry....
With more years of experience, We can meet your needs in : Providing 100% natural and healthy Soft Drink, Non Alcohol Beverage, Milk Series, Fruit Drink, Energy Drink, Dried Fruit and Jelly, Coffee Drink, Coconut water, Carbonated Drink, Aloe Vera Juice , Beer , Chia seed with fruit juice... .

We provide OEM product and private label service.


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Coco Organic Sparkling with lime 320ml
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Coco Organic Sparkling 320ml
Manufacturing Suppliers Organic Coco milk 330ml PP
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If you're lucky enough to own a good juicer, and keep a well-stocked fridge, you're missing out by only combining two
Rob and I flew into Ho Chi Minh on August 1st. I was expecting to be disappointed, as we were really late for the

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