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Vietnam Airlines serves 11 cocktails

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At the introduction, Mr. Vo Tan Si - Chairman of Saigon Bartender Association, the members of the Bartender Association of the world performed a mixture of 11 new cocktails (signature drinks) to be served on some routes of Vietnam Airlines. . The guests and delegates were directly observed, enjoyed, felt and commented on the taste and meaning of the cocktail names.

The first category in the new category is being named "Vietnam Sky", providing a refreshing and refreshing feeling when enjoying.

"Ripe Moc Chau plum season" with impressive form, lingering slightly aftertaste of wine, especially suitable for men.

Cocktail with the tentative name "Western region" possesses a smooth taste, sweet, fragrant whiskey, good for digestive system and suitable for long flight.

The "golden field" has a harmonious flavor, Grand Marnier liqueur.

Vietnam Airlines plans to deploy a new list of cocktails on the Merchant's cabin for routes between Vietnam and the UK, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, Korea and Australia. In the photo: Mr. Vo Tan Si instructs the attendants to prepare new cocktails.

Each 3 types of cocktails in the list of 11 new cocktails will be applied in turn by Vietnam Airlines to suit each time of the year. The attendants will directly make cocktails at the request of passengers on the flight. Previously, Vietnam Airlines had deployed signature drinks as 3 "Hello Vietnam", "Song Hong" and "Sunny Sai Gon" cocktails. With the signature drinks plan about to be implemented, Vietnam Airlines will replace the above 3 categories with 11 new cocktails.

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