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It is also possible to drink pomegranate juice without the presses in the following way

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Pomegranate is a very nutritious fruit, especially beneficial for your body shape and skin. However, if you want to drink pomegranate juice that home without the press or whether the machine that you lazy to clean the machine after each use, then use this very cool tips. No pacifier still makes the pomegranate juice delicious but fast.

How to make pomegranate juice:

First, use a circular knife to circle the tip of the pomegranate and remove the pomegranate shell.

Next, you use a knife to cut the lines on the pomegranate shell split into 6-8 pieces. However, you just cut past the shell and not cut too deep to make the pomegranate broken and flowing.

Then use your hand to gently remove the pomegranate leaves.

Then you use the spoon to knock on the pomegranate to the pomegranate seeds fall into the bowl.

After pomegranate seeds are removed, put them all in a plastic bag and put a straw into the plastic bag.

At this point, you only need to use the hand to seal the plastic bag, the pomegranate seeds will break itself. In addition to the hand, you can use the pressure plate is also effective. The more you press, the more juice you get.

Finally, you use a scissors cut a corner plastic bags and pour the pomegranate juice is finished.

Just a few simple steps and no need for presses you have a cup of delicious pomegranate juice. By doing this cleverly, after the juice is done, you only need to empty plastic bags and straws, and no need to use the toilet to squeeze trouble anymore.


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